Fiberglass Repairs of Factory Parts
We can repair fiberglass bodywork parts such as Ducati 900ss, 851/888, and older BMW bodywork. We grind out splintered or cracked areas to about half it's original thickness. We then apply top quality epoxy resin and tight woven cloth to the damaged area to bring it back to the original thickness. After the repair has cured, we do this same process to the backside of the damage area. By doing the front and back of the area and by grinding down halfway through the part each time, we get rid of all the cracks of soft spots caused by the crash.

I have seen on several occasions fiberglass repairs that were done on the surface only and this type of repair leaves the center of the part cracked under the surface repair. The result is a failed repair a short time down the road.

We don't want to see you back at our shop for warranty work so we do it right one and once is all it takes.

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Above: Carbon fiber part repair
Race Glass Bodywork Repairs
We occasionally repair damaged race fiberglass. If the bodywork has moderate-heavy damage we recommend replacing it with new parts. You can do structural only repairs to that set yourself and keep it for a back-up set. The problem with doing a full repair on badly damaged parts is that it takes many hours to get it into a good shape to paint. If the parts are not near perfect, the paint job will look bad and we are interesed in having our paint jobs look very good. The price to fix heavily damaged parts will be more than half the cost of new and it will always have signs of the crash such as spider web or hairline cracks around mounting holes.
If you had a minor crash and the bodywork is road rashed and damaged a little, it would be cost effective to have us repair it. The cost of this type of repair typically would be about 1/4 the cost of new or less.